Sauna & bath towel pique 50% linen black/gray Different Sizes

A high-quality pure linen towel with all the advantages of pique. Linen pique - a great material, which is in the current wellness trend becoming more popular. Unlike terry cloth pique weave is very light, very absorbent and less bulky.
Details & Sizes
  • Fabric: pique 50% linen, 50% cotton
  • Available in different sizes
  • Convenient hanging loop
  • High quality workmanship
pique linen feels less warm on the skin and the honeycomb structure produced by a light massage effect. That makes it ideal for spa, sauna and sports activities. But also on trips has proved the space-saving, lightweight pique weave very well.

15,00 EUR

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Product No.: B16922

Color: Black/Gray
Material: 50% Linen / 50% Cotton
Fabric weight: 300 g/qm
Cloth: Waffelpique

1 Guest Towel 35x50cm(13.8x19.7in)
1-3 days
1-3 days
15,00 EUR
1 Towel 50x70cm
1-3 days
1-3 days
20,00 EUR
1 Towel 45x100cm(17.7x39.4in)
1-3 days
1-3 days
30,00 EUR
1 Bath Towel 80x145cm(31.5x57.1in)
1-3 days
1-3 days
40,00 EUR
1 Bath-towel 100x145cm
1-3 days
1-3 days
50,00 EUR