Bedding Sheet EMS 100% Pure Linen White-Gray striped 150x250cm

Linen fabrics have a high natural luster. Linen has the ability to absorb and lose water rapidly. It can gain up to 20% moisture without feeling damp. When freed from impurities it is highly absorbent and will quickly remove perspiration from the skin. Linen is a stiff fabric and is less likely to cling to the skin and when it billows away it tends to dry out and become cool so that the skin is being continually touched by a cool surface. It is a very durable, strong fabric and one of the few that are stronger wet than dry. It does not stretch and is resistant to damage from abrasion. 

Details & Sizes

  • Possible Sizes in cm 150x250cm
  • Possible Sizes in inches 59x98in
  • Washable up to 60°C

78,00 EUR

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Product No.: L10L

Series: EMS
Color: Stripes White/Natural
Fabric weight: 168 g/qm
Band Size : 1 cm

Free linen fabric samples
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1-3 days
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1 Bedding Sheet 150x250cm (59x98in)
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1-3 days
78,00 EUR

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