Linen fabric, 100% Linen, 230 g/qm, 160 cm wide herringbone patt

Silky striped linen jacquard with a natural gray hue. A thick jacquard fabric. Because of the satin weave, the stripe pattern looks different from different angles: from one angle, the stripes are clearly visible, and from another, they're barely noticeable. The fabric has a beautiful silky sheen and smooth texture.
  • medium linen fabric
  • opaque
  • slightly coarsely woven
  • feels soft to fluent
  • ideally suited for any type of clothing, especially clothing and decorative purposes

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Product No.: M07C159857

Color: Light grey
Fabric weight: 230 g/qm
Width: 160 cm
Band Size : 2,5 cm
Houndstooth: Herringbone
Shrinkage: ca. 4%

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